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3 Great Ways to Maintain Your Pulpit


Buying a church pulpit is one thing, but keeping it looking great for decades to comes is another. When all the

various  styles that are currently on the market, some still need a little tender loving care.  I'm going to give you 3 great industry insights that will help keep your church pulpit glistening for a long time in the pulpit area. 

#1. Acrylic Pulpits Cleaner. If you have an acrylic pulpit or a model with acrylic in it you will need to use an acrylic cleaner. Using products with ammonia such as glass cleaner will actually create a haze to them, making very small cracks in the acrylic that when viewed looks like scratches. The ammonia in these products seeps into the pours of acrylic and basically ruins them. Use ONLY acrylic cleaner products as they to not create these issues, otherwise you'll ruin your pulpit in a short time and will need to purchase yet another pulpit. 

#2. Orange oil for Wood pulpits. Wooden pulpits will become darker over the year as oils within the wood rise to the open cut parts of the wood. If your pulpit is stained then as those oils come closer to the top it will become darker. A great way to help keep these oils sealed and keep them from looking darker faster, use orange oil.Orange oil does a great job of helping protect your wood products in the church plus it also makes them shine too. 

#3. Dust, Dust, Dust. Dusting is important simply because its good housekeeping in the church. I recommend dusting once a month with a nice cotton wash cloth. Don't use products like pledge, remember that's what the orange oil is for. By dusting your keeping things looking nice and tidy. 

Be sure to check back with us for more great church furniture tips. Thanks and God Bless~


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