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Bishop Chairs in Church

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Bishop chairs have become popular again in recent years within the Gospel Church, COGIC and several other

denominations as well for several reasons. Mainly because of the Lion of Judah theme, these hand built church chairs or sometimes called pulpit chairs offer a distinctive sense of authority in the church, not to mention they feature a great look to really enhance the sanctuary as well. Today I'm going to go over some of these reason why you need the Lion of Judah set in your church home. 

Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah is the symbol of the Israelite tribe of Judah.The association between Judah and the lion can first be found in the blessing given by Jacob to Judah in the Book of Genesis. The Lion of Judah is also mentioned in the Book of Revelation, as a term representing Jesus, according to our Christian tradition. Today its a great symbol within the church to represent Jesus and what he means to our church. 

Hand Built

Unlike a cheap or normal church chair that you will find in your church home a Bishops chair is perfect for the pastor or Bishop in your church. The units are hand built made from Honduran Mahogany and rubber-wood, it takes roughly 5-6 weeks to complete a single chair and while no two chairs are 100% identical, they all have the same layout and theme with several cross's and the Lions Head through out each unit. 

Unique to Your Church

The other great thing about these massive chairs is that they are truly unique to each church. Because they are hand carved they literally are one of a kind pieces of artwork. They are offered in 3 models, a 69" Bishops chair, a 59" Pastors chair which mimics the large model and an Elder's or Guest Church chair as its sometimes referred too. 

Purchase a Set

If you're in the market for these custom chairs them I suggest you purchase them as a set. Most church homes that buy these will purchase one 69" model and two 59" models to place along each side. Additionally, you can actually save money if you purchase all three, so I would suggest that you ask about a set. 


Maintaining Bishop's chairs is very minimal, using a duster or cotton terry cloth once every few months to remove the dust is recommended and using an orange oil once every 6 months on the wood in order to help keep the wood from cracking is recommended as well. The red leatherette is also a great design because its material makeup is perfect in case of spillage of any liquids. 

Looks Great in Church

Just about everyone that Ive encountered that has these chairs tells me that that really enjoy them in their church sanctuary. People will tell me that it gives a added sense that the church is a true holy place and rightfully so, it helps show the community that the building is more than just a church, but a place of God.


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