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If your in the market for church chairs, listen up. I've had a LOT of experience in the church furniture industry and I can

Worship Chair

tell you from personal experience that you truly get what you pay for when it comes to whats out there. Over the last several years, lots of smaller "Mom and Pop" websites have popped up offering church furniture. While some companies offer a good price, they don't offer a great product, while other church furniture companies in our industry have been around the block a time or two. 

Today, I'm going to give you 3 great tips on buying church chairs

#1. Purchase a church chair sample. Just because it looks great on the website doesn't mean that its a good quality chair. Let me put it to you like this. When you purchase a new car do you simply buy it sight unseen? No way! You generally research the model, compare prices and take it for a test drive. There are two ways to do that, first you can purchase outright a sample church chair model or you can ask for a church nearby that already has these chairs. In my experience as a church furniture consultant over the years I've found that its much more cost effective to send a brochure along with a fabric sample to the church asking about a specific model and also include a couple of local churches nearby that have the same product. Generally, that's the churches best route, getting with another church to actually see the church chair in person, sit on it, ask questions and get an overall feel of what the chair would look like in your own sanctuary. 

#2. Ask about volume discounts. Did you know that the average number of chairs sold to a church in the United States is 112? Within the industry pricing is generally based on how many you purchase. Buying 120 verses 100 doesn't make a great difference but if you are a larger church then buying 400 rather than 100 may get you a better discount. Here at ChurchFurniture.us they offer volume discounts on church chairs quantities larger than 500 units or more. I recommend calling the sales office and asking about large volume discounts as they are rarely talked about online. 

#3. Buy Name Brand Models. Listen, I can tell you that you've never heard of these following models, the HTC-400, the Joshua Chair or the GreaterLove Chair. These are simple rebranded models on the market. Truth be told there's only a handful of styles on the church furniture market place today and of those nearly 97% are great chairs, while 3% are substandard according to Chairs in Church, a reputable online website. They also have reviewed the most commonly purchased church chairs on the market and I highly recommend that you look over them. Here at ChurchFurniture.us we have popular models like the Worship Chair (5/5), the Multi-Chair (3.5/5) and the Heritage Chair (4.4/5)

Finally, be sure to check out the great savings and quality products that ChurchFurniture.us has to offer. Give them a call today for your personalized quote on the various church furniture products that can enhance your church home.


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