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Free Church Chairs

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Recently I had a customer contact me about getting free church chairs for their sanctuary. They we're telling me that I

needed to send them 100 brand new chairs. We'll I can't quite do that and here's why. Churches tend to sometimes forget that someone has to pay for these chairs and quite honestly they're not cheap to being with. Let me explain a bit more about the "free church chair" myths that are floating around the internet. 

First of all unless there is a church that's literally giving away used chairs on a website like usedpews.org or the like, then you're not going to find them, period. Our counterparts and us are in the business of offering church furniture, not to give it away. There simply is no such thing, trust me on this, I've been in the church furniture business a long time and I literally hear it several times a month. 

So what about cheap church chairs. Sure there are places where you can obtain lesser quality church chairs, ones that might save you a couple of bucks per unit but you have to put them together and they often times contain used wood from construction sites and the like. These cheap church chairs are literally garbage, I've seen them in person and even ripped them apart. Check out my article on these low end models and see for yourself. 

SO what about affordable church chairs you might ask? 

Well if your in the market for a new church chair that's already built, welded together and offers several features and cost a great price point then I highly recommend the Worship Church Chair. Why do I recommend this unit from BRCF? Great question. Over the years companies come and go, they copy designs and rename the models so try and offer you a different unit. The Worship Chair is a model that has been around for quite some time and very little has changed since it design. The pricing will range depending on how many you purchase, that's sort of the deal in our industry, the MORE you purchase the less it will cost you. This model is under under the $35 range which is less than the industry average of $37.99. It does offer several freebies like a card pocket, book rack that's welded onto the frame and a cup holder for communion services. It has a great warranty and the popular olefin fabric that is stain resistant, even pouring bleach on it will not turn it white (although I don't recommend it unless you want your clothes to turn white form sitting in it, lol)

Additionally, Church Furniture offers these and other select models FREE shipping to select states when you buy 100 or more, that's a great deal and can save you hundreds if not thousands in cash to use towards something else. There are limits to where the free shipping states are but they can tell you more about it if you call. 

Finally, if your still wondering about free church chairs and where to get them at, you're simply out of luck. But I will give you a few great tips on what to look for when purchasing church chairs on the internet or online markets. 

  • First, make sure they offer the right size for the right price. Sure you can get a very small 18-19" chair for a lot less than a 21-22" model but your also going to get less comfort and less to sit on too. 21" is the industry standard
  • Ask about a warranty. Generally the full sized models will offer a 20 year warranty although it depends on the model. The longer the warranty, the more the chair has been proven over the years. 
  • Ask for a church in your area that has the same chair. Most companies like Church Furniture should be able to get a list to you. Its always a great idea to see them in action in a local church and to get their reviews first hand.
  • FREE shipping is free but slower. The average delivery for 100 church chairs in the US is about 6 weeks unless you get them yourself. Delivery is based on the trucking companies and when they are able to provide a truck in your area. 4-6 weeks is pretty standard in the industry. 
  • Make sure the fabric is olefin (called Poly-Olefin). Its good stuff, the same thing that hotels and restaurants use and its the same makeup as industrial carpeting although its nicer to the touch. Trust me on this, DO NOT PURCHASING NYLON. YOU WILL REGRET IT. 
  • Make sure it has a ganging device. Federal law states that a church, any church that offers chairs or any size must be able to gang them together. This is for fire safety in case of an emergency. Purchasing them without ganging devices could cost you when the fire marshal does an inspection and will close your doors. Luckily all Church Furniture models come with this standard. 


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